Weight B Gone

Weight B Gone

  • $ 59.95

C.E.T. Products™ Weight B Gone Daytime Formula Suppresses the appetite so you get full quicker. It satisfies the appetite so you are not hungry between meals. It regulates the bowels with most people but won't cause diarrhea. If you don't experience a daily bowel movement, try adding more green vegetables to your daily diet and drinking more water.  Our daytime formula will help you maintain your energy level naturally. So, be sure to use your energy wisely and exercise daily to prevent the storing of fat; house chores, something in addition to your daily routine. When taking C.E.T. Day Formula, you can enjoy smaller food portions and a daily lifestyle free of food addictions or cravings, as C.E.T. Products™ naturally helps control the mind’s desire for food without any risks to your health!

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