Why Is C.E.T. Products™ Rated #1?

C.E.T. Products™ has been rated number one for its effectiveness, consistency and overall quality by many customers and physicians.
There are a number of reasons why we believe C.E.T. Products™ is rated #1:

Results - C.E.T. Products™ results are not only fast and effective but they are also consistent and unlike many other weight loss products they promote long term weight loss results.  C.E.T. Products™ is alsoClinically Proven - Unlike many competing brands C.E.T. Products™ is clinically proven as an effective and medically proven device product for the treatment of obesity and weight management.

C.E.T. Products™ is a medically proven device product, what does that mean?

This means C.E.T. Products™ has received the CE mark of approval for safety and efficacy. This means that C.E.T. Products™ has been authorized to be sold in any state. It also means that as a customer you can be certain that C.E.T. Products™ is safe for consumption, unlike many competing weight loss products that have no regulatory certificates. Although C.E.T. Products™ is 100% natural and proven to be safe, we still encourage each person to check with their doctor prior to starting this or any other weight loss program or exercise routine.
Are C.E.T. Products™'s ingredients safe for long term use?

C.E.T. Products™'s ingredients are 100% organic and 100% natural. It passes all of the guidelines set by the FDA for dietary supplements and EU Directive and can be taken for as long as you require to meet your weight loss and weight management goals.
How long does it take to start to see results?

Although the majority of people notice huge amounts of weight loss in short amounts of time, the number of pounds and inches lost will strictly vary according to each individual’s metabolism, faithfulness to the program-meaning: taking the products as indicated, being faithful with water drinking, exercise commitment and eating habits but don’t be surprised if you are one of the ones like so many others who have lost as much 7 pounds in 1 week. (We recommend that all of our customers should take C.E.T. Products™ for at least 120 days so that they can see long lasting and beneficial results.)
Do I have to follow the Optional Meal Plan in order to lose weight or can I just use the C.E.T. Products™ pills?

No, you don't have to follow C.E.T. Products™ Optional Meal Plan in order to lose weight. That’s the good thing about C.E.T. You get to eat your regular foods and still loose weight. However, if you do decide to use C.E.T. Products™ Optional Meal Plan in conjunction with the C.E.T. Products™ Day & Night Formula along with the Protein Supplements, then you will see maximum benefits. Furthermore, when comes to eating we only suggest that you eat fried foods and sweets only once a week and eat your last mean between the hours of 5 pm-7pm. You should also wait at least 4 hours after you eat your last meal prior to taking the C.E.T. Products™ Night formula and retiring for bed. However, if you work at night, you should also wait at least 4 hours after you eat your last meal prior to taking the C.E.T. Products™ Night formula and retiring for bed, regardless of the time you go to bed-even if you sleep during the day. The C.E.T. Products™ Night formula doesn’t know what time you are sleeping. It only detects that fact that you are sleeping and then it begins to burn fat as you sleep.
Have you got any testimonials from current C.E.T. Products™ users?

Not only do we receive testimonials from our customers every single day, C.E.T. Products™ also has the backing from all type of health and fitness professionals around the world. We even have celebrities who are secretly taking our products and that’s another reason why we are so confident that C.E.T. Products™ can help you achieve your weight loss goals too.
Can I order C.E.T. Products™ with privacy and discretion?

Yes, all of our products are shipped in discreet packaging with no reference to the contents. When you order your credit card will show C.E.T. or C.E.T. Products, Inc. Also, we have never sold personal information to Third Parties and we always seek to comply with the Data Protection Act of 1988 and when you order online, your Credit Card details are not kept on file by C.E.T. Products and all purchases are made on a secure, "hacker safe" 128bit encryption certified technological system.
Is there a maximum time I can take C.E.T. Products™ ?

C.E.T. Products™ is safe for long term use and you may take C.E.T. Products™ as long as it is required to meet your weight management objectives and although C.E.T. Products™ is safe, you should not exceed the specified maximum daily dose.
Why can I not use C.E.T. Products™ when pregnant?

Pregnancy and lactation are periods of extreme sensitivity and as such any label claim allowing for such use must be backed by clinical studies. No study has yet been carried out with C.E.T. Products™ to establish a profile in pregnant and lactating mothers. Therefore, we cannot say that it is safe for you to take when pregnant. Also, what you intake, your baby will intake the same thing and if you loose weight, your unborn child will loose weight and the products may be too strong for it. Therefore, if you think you are pregnant and or trying to get pregnant or for at any rate, we ask you to check with your doctor before starting this or any other weight loss program or exercise routine.

Is C.E.T. Products™ 100% safe? Are their any recorded side effects to date?

The only side effects recorded to date are mild changes in stool consistency. C.E.T. Products™ source ingredients have been in use for hundreds of years by various cultures.
Can I take C.E.T. Products™ when I am taking drugs prescribed to me by a doctor?

It is generally safe to take C.E.T. Products™ even when taking prescription medication. However, if on medication, you are advised to consult your doctor before taking C.E.T. Products™. If given the okay by your doctor, your medications should be not be taken 2 hours before and after C.E.T. Products™.
What happens if I don't take C.E.T. Products™ with water?

Besides not being able to swallow the tablet comfortably, taking the tablet with plenty of water will help prevent constipation.
Can I eat my regular foods on this program without counting calories?

Yes you can. As most people have noticed, the only way to lose weight and keep it off is by eating your regular foods. Also, you do not have to count calories on this program and that’s another great feature that people love about our program. However, some people insist on calculating calories so we show you how to do just that. Just remember that you are under no obligation to count calories and you can enjoy your regular foods. Just be sure to stop eating when you feel yourself getting full.

Why did I lose inches the first month and my friend lost pounds and inches?

Everybody loses weight differently according to their metabolism. When losing inches you are losing body fat. Inches will eventually convert into pounds. Some lose pounds right away, in most cases the pounds are retained fluid.

Can I find these products in the health food store?

No you can't. We have our own company's secret which cannot be duplicated. C.E.T. Products™ are found exclusively at C.E.T. Products™ located at 4650 S. Hampton Ste #120, Dallas, TX 75232. Also for your convenience, you may place an order online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

If I decide to watch what I eat, would it hinder me?

Eating sensible and satisfying the appetite instead of binging will always help.

Will alcohol hinder the program?

We have had clients to drink alcohol on the program and still lose weight wherein some are unable to lose while drinking. Avoiding alcohol will definitely increase your chances of losing weight successfully on this program.

Can I take the product if I have medical problems?

Many people are on the program with many different problems such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, lupus, cancer, heart problems, thyroid problems (active and inactive), and many more medical problems. Clients are doing very well. Although our products are natural, we still stress that being in agreement with your doctor is very important. Furthermore, everybody's system is different.

After getting off the program, will I gain my weight back?

There is no permanent weight lose cure. You can maintain your weightas many are doing by taking our C.E.T. Products™ Day Formula once or twice weekly, and by doing 10 minutes -15 minutes of daily exercise, and eating healthy, balanced meals.

Why did I start off losing weight fast the first month but it tapered off the next month?

After losing so much weight, our bodies reach its plateau, which is: a stable period wherein your weight loss remains the same. The amount of time your body stays at its plateau will vary according to your metabolism. To jump start your weight loss and bounce back from a plateau, try a more vigorously exercising, monitor your eating and make sure that you are eating healthy, and make sure that you are taking your product faithfully and don’t eat right before going to bed or while watching television and soon your weight loss should pick back up. During this time it is important to strictly calculate and monitor the amount of inches lost as most people consider reaching a plateau when the pounds stop coming off of the scale. However, inches loss is weight loss as well and will eventually convert into pounds shortly if you are consistent and follow the advice given above.

What is the average weight loss?

We do not average weight loss on this program. You will be losing weight naturally; eating your regular food with no drugs or stimulates and your weight loss will vary according to your own metabolism. However we have had people loose any where from 7 - 62 pounds in only 1 month but again, your weight loss will strictly vary according to your individual metabolism. With some people it takes at least 30 days for our all-natural formula to get into your system and cleanse your body of harsh toxins and chemicals (DOCTORS ADVICE) just so you can lose weight. We have very few people who may not have lost any physical pounds or inches the first month while going through the cleansing stage. However, during the 2nd month, the very same people reported having lost 10, 20, 30 and even 40 lbs and more.

How Do I Take C.E.T. products?

Is this program guaranteed?

No, it is not guaranteed, for we have no way of monitoring our clients to see if our products are taken correctly and if clients are following our program. However, we do not make you sign a contract so if for any reason you are dissatisfied; you are under no obligation to continue. Keep in mind that our products have already been proven by hundreds of thousands of people to drastically aid in weight loss and obesity when our program is followed properly. With that in mind, if you feel that you are loosing weight too fast, please be sure to skip a day or two of use. If you have any more questions, be sure to view our website as it is loaded with helpful information. You may also call us between the hours of9:00 am-5:30 pm Mon-Fri CST and between 9:00 am – 4:30 pmon Saturday CST. Our dedicated and friendly staff is waiting to assist you.