Drinking Sodas

Soft drinks are bad for you, especially when trying to lose weight.  They are full of sugars and empty calories.  Plus, they are carbonated which leaves you gassy and bloated.  

Soft drinks also contain phosphoric acid. Phosphor stops the fixation of calcium and increases your chance of developing osteoporosis. Growing children that drink lots of colas have more frail bones, and have a bigger chance of suffering fractures. 

The teeth also suffer because of drinking lots of sodas. If you drink sodas, the acid from the sodas will slowly but surely disintegrate your teeth over time. Other side effects of sodas are kidney problems, headaches, constipation, weight gain and even high blood pressure.   

Just one litter of Coca-Cola has 108 grams of sugar which will give you 400 calories. 400 calories is huge.  If you jog for an hour, you probably won’t be able to burn 400 calories. 

In the USA the soft drink consumption per citizen is huge. No wonder the level of obesity is reaching new levels with each passing year. 

Avoid drinking soft drinks at all costs. They will do nothing for you but fill your body with artificial sweeteners, sugars and empty calories among other things.  

The majority of customers on our program hardly ever miss sodas. Maybe it's the massive amount of weight that they lose and the other health benefits that make them forget all about them.  

We look forward to you being a huge success just like the rest of our satisfied customers. Get started today. We look forward to hearing from you.