Vitamins 10-in-1

  • $ 55.00

Each bottle of the 10-in-1 is a full month supply.

What are the ten formulas in 10-in-1 Vitamins?

  1. The GBG Liquid Vitamin is a mood and memory enhancer
  2. It is a Vision Support Formula
  3. It is an Immune System Booster
  4. It is a Complete Multi Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
  5. It is a Cardio Formula
  6. It is an All Natural Energizer with NO HARSH STIMULANTS
  7. It is a Super Antioxidant
  8. It is a Stress Reliever
  9. It is an all Natural Digestion Aid
  10. It is a Bone and Joint Formula

The 10-in-1 Vitamins boast all of the super antioxidant containing fruits like

- Mangosteen
- Amalaki
- Goji Berry
- Acai
- Pomegranate

It also has super components like CoQ10, grape seed extract, a phyto nutrient vegetable blend, 23 essential vitamins and minerals in their most potent form, along with over 70 trace minerals.