Success Stories


Christopher of Lancaster lost 53 pounds in five months and writes, “I am proud CET is here and am a satisfied customer forever!”

Rayola of Cedar Hill lost 13 pounds in one month.

I am 55 years old and since I have been taking the  10-in-one Vitamin Juice, I have not had to buy Viagra. You can imagine the amount of money that I save by not having to buy Viagra. Viagra used to set me back at least $400 a month but no any longer thanks to your 10-in-one Vitamin Juice. Thanks C.E.T.(Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

Brenda of Dallas lost 8 pounds on one month. She writes, “It works even though I thought it wouldn’t!"

Juan of DeSoto lost 26 pounds and 5 ½ inches in one month.

I am well in my 80's and I normally get the flu twice a month but since taking the 10-in-one Vitamin Juice, I have not gotten a cold or flu AT ALL! (Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

Karen lost 10 pounds and lots of inches in one month, 3 inches in the bust and abdomen, 2 inches in the waist and hips!

Simon of Dallas lost 81 pounds in four(4) months!

Since taking the 10-in-one Vitamin Juice I have been able to exercise before and after work and that alone has really helped with my weight loss. (Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

Tiffanie of Arlington lost 50 pounds in seven (7) months for a total of 8 inches.

Cindi of DeSoto writes, “I went from size 18 to size 14 in one month!”

I got my husband who is on dialysis to start taking the 10-in-one Vitamin Juice and he has felt so great. You would not believe the difference the 10-in-one Vitamin Juice has made in his life. It's almost like he's a new person.(Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

Sharon of Mesquite lost 10 pounds in one month.

I am a 62 year old grandma, with slight Arthritis. I have tried numerous products on the market, so when I saw the advert for C.E.T. I though why not try them, I ordered 1 months supply, and within 4 weeks I am down 20 pounds. Plus, when I lost weight it  helped my Arthritis.

   I am a 33 year old male. I used to have allergies so bad until I would nearly scratch my eyeballs out but since I started taking the 10-in-one Vitamin Juice I have not had to buy any allergy medicine at all. Plus, it helped with a ton of other things too. I just feel great when I drink that juice. (Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

This product for once does as it says, it stops hunger, where as other products I have tried haven't. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.

I am taking C.E.T. tablets along with the Protein Supplements and have found my appetite has reduced massively. I no longer snack between meals, have not eaten any crisps, sweets, biscuits or cakes.

I began using 10-in-one Liquid Multivitamin about 2 months ago, and since the beginning I have noticed a huge difference! I have had back problems for years and it gets sore just sitting around, but this has alleviated the pain, and gives me more energy and better sleep. I have also noticed my mind is clearer. 10-in-1 is Just a whole body care formula that tastes great!(Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

I am going to continue with C.E.T. as I lost 5 pounds in 1 week.

I have been using C.E.T. for 2 weeks now and have felt a massive difference in my eating habits. I don't seem to crave snacks or sweets in between meals which has made a massive impact on my weight loss. I lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks.

The most amazing thing I've noticed since I started taking the 10-in-one Liquid is that, and this may sound a little weird, but after the first week since I started taking the product I am either dreaming more when I sleep or remembering my dreams better. When I was younger (in my late 40's now) I used to dream a lot and also remember my dreams better in the morning but since I've gotten older that hasn't been the case. The 10-in-one seems to have reversed that for me. THANKS! (Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

Although I have eaten sensibly and done regular exercise, without C.E.T. I would not of been so successful in my weight loss. I lost 30 pounds in 38 days.

Since taking C.E.T., I feel great. Everything about it has been so simple – from taking it before my meals to ordering it online. Shipping was fantastic. I ordered it one day and within just 72 hours it arrived.

Me and my wife was always sluggish and never felt like going anywhere or doing anything but since we started taking the10-in-one Vitamin Juice, we have so much energy.  We go all type of places now. Thanks C.E.T.  (Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

The difference C.E.T. has made in my life has been incredible. Before taking C.E.T. products, I used to eat 3 fairly large meals a day and I was notorious for snacking. But now everything is different. My meal sizes are considerably smaller and I never snack.

The best thing for me is the difference C.E.T. made with my confidence level. Friends, family and people who have known me for years don’t even recognize me, and I have only been using C.E.T. for a month. I can’t describe how incredible I feel now.

I suffered from acne extremely bad but since I started taking 10-in-one I can celebrate a clear complexion. (Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

My results were instant. Just a week after trying C.E.T. I lost 7  pounds. I can’t wait to see how my weight loss continues.

I’ve always been a bit skeptical about trying weight loss pills, but I can honestly say that C.E.T. is different. I received the pills just a week ago and I felt the effects almost immediately. I lost my appetite. It was pleasantly surprising.

I started taking 10-in-one back in the early spring. Back in October of '08 when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  I started the10-in-one regime, my weight loss accelerated noticeably. Within 2 weeks, I started to feel better. Within a month I had to tighten up my belt again. My knees and ankles no longer ached. I actually walked 18 holes of golf and didn't feel that tired! I received a LOT of compliments. Some people even told me I look younger. (Remember a 32 ounce bottle will last for a month. It takes great and only costs $30.)

I’ve always found it hard trying to lose weight around the holidays, but this year I have managed to lose 6 pounds over the 2 week period. Great!

Since taking C.E.T. tablets, I have been able to cut down my portion sizes, and even wake up not hungry.

To be able to lose weight without having to suffer from food cravings or hunger pains is incredible. C.E.T. has given me the chance to take charge of my weight loss and lose it the way I want to.

I have only been using C.E.T.for 4 days, but when I woke up this morning I discovered I had already lost 3 pounds I couldn’t believe it.

I can’t describe what C.E.T.has done for me. For the first time in a long time I have been able to listen to my body and stop myself from overeating. C.E.T. is an excellent product.

Thank you so much for providing such a great product! All my life I have struggled to lose weight and it only got worse when I quit smoking two years ago but now, since taking your product,the weight is just falling off of me and I'm not even exercising. I don't care what anybody say, these AREmiracle products.

I have tried all the other weight loss pills out there and I can truthfully say that absolutely NOTHING compares to C.E.T.products.

So far, C.E.T. has worked wonders for me. I already dropped a couple of dress sizes. Soon, I'll be back to my high school weight. I have a class reunion coming up and I know I will look great because I already do - Thanks to C.E.T.

Okay, your product has me completely convinced. It is really great stuff. My mom and husband saw how well I was doing and bought some too.

Dear C.E.T., your product is actually saving me money. In the last two weeks, my appetite has dropped and I have even been able to skip dinner without feeling hungry and that cut down on my grocery bill.

My energy levels have dramatically increased. I am now seeing the world with whole new eyes.

Before taking C.E.T., I used to be starving between every meal, especially between lunch and dinner and I would snack to keep myself going. But no longer, after a couple of days, I noticed a real difference in my appetite. I rarely feel hungry at all.

I have to admit, I can’t stop recommending this product. It’s great. I’ve recommended it to all my friends who want to lose weight. Now we got a contest going.

The weirdest thing happened. I normally put on weight during Christmas but with C.E.T. I have dropped a dress size and can fit in my old clothes again!

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