Pregnancy Weight Loss

Pregnancy weight loss is very different for each new mother. It’s dependent upon a variety of factors including your age; your weight prior to becoming pregnant; your weight gain during pregnancy and whether or not you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed your infant. While all of these factors will affect how quickly you’ll be able to lose your baby weight, there several things that all new mothers can do to ensure their pregnancy weight loss plans are as effective and healthy as possible.

When you’re trying to establish your pregnancy weight loss plan, you should first speak to your obstetrician to ensure that you are mentally and physically healthy enough to begin a moderate diet and exercise program. Once you have medical clearance, you should try to create a pregnancy weight loss plan that’s flexible and forgiving. In the beginning, your hormones are still adjusting after having your baby. Most new mothers are also sleep deprived and consumed with trying to adjust to their new lives with their little ones. As a result, a regimented diet and exercise plan designed to expedite pregnancy weight loss will likely result in stress and frustration. New mothers need to eat healthy and try to exercise when ever possible; however, they should do these things gradually.

A good way to begin tackling post pregnancy weight loss is to begin walking with your child. Get a walking stroller and make your baby a part of your exercise plan. Walking with your baby is effective because it provides your baby with fresh air (good to tire him out); it exposes you to sunlight, which is great to increase energy and improve moods; and it’s a great way to burn calories and tone your legs.

Finally, your pregnancy weight loss plan will not be effective if you don’t eat properly. It’s very important that you limit your fat intake and ensure you get plenty of protein and healthy carbohydrates. Post-pregnancy is not the time to go on a low carb, low fat diet – particularly if you’re breast feeding. Your body is adjusting to enough changes without having to contend with extremely restrictive diet plans. Simply be aware of what you’re putting into your body.

No matter what approach you decide to take to begin your pregnancy weight loss plan, remember that your baby will only be little once. You’ll never get to relive these moments with your little one – don’t waste this precious time stressing yourself out over everything you eat and every workout you miss. Simply make smart choices and exercise in moderation – most importantly enjoy being a mother. With time you’ll find it easier to fit a regimented diet and exercise plan into you new life.  Congratulations on your new addition and best wishes with everything!