Medical Problems

Did you know that the American Heart Association is calling obesity diabesity because they run together? However, by losing weight safely with C.E.T. Products™, consumers are reducing their risks of an array of obesity and weight-related disorders and diseases. Specifically, weight loss can help individuals prevent / avoid health disorders such as: * Certain forms of diabetes * Heart Disease * Heart Attack * High Cholesterol * High Blood Pressure * Digestion / Gastrointestinal Diseases * Various Forms of Cancer

Doctors suggest that if individuals would lose only (1) pound a week naturally, as with our product, at the end of a year a total of 52 pounds will be lost pounds that can easily be kept off. If you lose 4 or 5 pounds a month without having to buy special foods, that's great. Just stay on our program and the weight will go. It's easy when you don't have to prepare special foods.