Maintenance is very important after weight loss. How many times have you lost weight only to find that you put it back on sooner than you had hoped or found it to be more of a struggle than you imagined? Maintenance will prevent all of this.  Otherwise, you'll see the weight that you lost start creeping back up on you. You can maintain your weight by simply taking 1 daytime tablet once or twice a week, eating 3 balanced meals daily and by exercising.  You can also get exercise by walking your dog or mowing your lawn instead of paying to have it done and it will not only contribute to your weight loss but save you money as well.  Another thing you want to be certain to do is  wait at least 3 to 4 hours after your last meal before retiring for bedtime, despite being on the maintenance phrase of our program. Also, sodas are still not permitted during maintenance as they always remain detrimental to your health. So, to avoid putting on excess fluid after weight loss and endangering your health, avoid drinking all sodas and remember that C.E.T. Products are FDA proven to be safe for you to maintain your weight with for the rest of your life.