Hidden Fat in Food

The majority of grocery shoppers don’t really investigate the amount of salt, sugar or fats that's in the products that they buy. Fats or lipids mustn’t become our enemies but neither our friends. Eating fats from time to time will help you stay in top health. So you don’t have to eliminate fats totally from your diet. However, you should avoid or be very cautious of foods that contain hidden fats. There are some foods that seem fat free but in fact are full of fats. We will share then with you so you can avoid eating them without knowing.

Mayo is the first food that has boatloads of fats in it. Try eliminating mayo from your menu. If you really need to add mayo to a food use vegetable mayo. Some use soya sauce instead of mayo, it all depends on your taste. Fish and any meat with soya sauce taste fabulous. 

Benefits of vegetable mayonnaise:

* Very stable emulsion
* No cholesterol
* No lactose (no milk solids)
* Low “cost in use” (savings in costs of raw materials)
* Easy to handle in production (all-in-one blend)
* Same quality all year around (no variations in raw materials)

French fries are tasty and also fatty. Chips too. Once in a while you can eat a portion of French fries if you aren’t on a weight loss diet. You should avoid combining fires with meat. Eat your fries with a raw salad. I know how hard it can be to stop eating fires and chips for long periods of time. Sometimes I get a huge craving for them and form time to time I indulge it. I have been and I still am a potato lover. What more can I say. Now I keep in mind that just 200 grams of fries from a fast food has around 550 calories. One portion of fries contains lots of carbs and fats. More than half of those calories are due to the fats form the fries. It’s much more healthy to eat your fries boiled or cooked in the oven using just a little oil or other fats.

You can buy hundreds of types of cheeses form your local supermarket. An explosion of choices, many of which are full of fats. It’s up to you to make the right choice and buy a low fat cheese and dairies. I love fatty chesses with fruits. I know the fruits are healthy, nutritional and friendly with my waistline, but the darn tasty fatty cheese isn’t that friendly. But the taste is awesome. Instead I eat cottage cheese with a little honey and I drink low fat milk.

Red meat is full of hidden fats. That is why it is so tasty. Instead eat chicken or fish meat, grilled if possible. If you crave a grilled piece of pork or beef after a long time of eating chicken and fish congratulate yourself by satisfying your desire.

Don’t eat cold cuts. They are always full of hidden fats. Sausages and those delicious hotdogs are so unhealthy because of all the fats it contains. Unhealthy unhealthy unhealthy and unfriendly to your waistline.

Pastries are a big no-no too. Pies, doughnuts, fatty creams, buttery popcorn, ice-cream, peanut butter, cakes are all happy places filled with fats. It’s better to stay away from them.

Fast food is always full of fats and sugar, even the salads and chicken. Just stop eating fast food. Go to a regular restaurant when you have the desire to dine out.