Program Benefits

  100% Natural ingredients

 Eat your regular foods

  No side effects

   No office visit fee

  No paying by the pound

  No prepackaged foods to buy

   No counseling fees

 No program fee

 Calorie counting is optional. 

   Get full quicker so you eat less and save on your grocery bill

 Burn fat naturally

  Reduced cravings for sweets and junk foods

 Most Health Issues are eliminated with weight loss which means less money spend on medications.

 REST WELL-Many people focus on eating and training but don’t pay much attention to their rest in their quest for a lean, hard body when not enough rest increases stress, reduces motivation, slows rejuvenation time and drives unwanted cortisol output up. Without proper rest you will lose muscle and gain fat because the elevated stress triggers a release of the catabolic hormone cortisol. This is whereC.E.T. Products™  Night Formula becomes very helpful. In conjunction to our Night formula burning fat as you sleep. It also promotes good sleep.


With the many safe and natural benefits of C.E.T. Products™, C.E.T. Products™ can help nearly any dieter experience greater weight loss, enhanced wellness, and overall physical satisfaction. Additionally, C.E.T. Products™ is manufactured in an FDA approved facility, where ingredients are fresh, monitored, and of the highest quality at all times and seasons of the year.